Color Assistant

Shankar is a lead Conform Artist and a Digital Compositor with a decade of experience in the film and television industry. He assists the Digital Intermediate process through every step of the process, from conforming camera original media to the final edit, exporting VFX pulls, preparing colour timelines, rendering versions and mastering the final picture.

He has strong problem-solving skills – a proactive and positive attitude to helping clients find solutions. Ensure quality and resolve errors independently except when requiring supervisor’s/seniors approval.

Shankar has previous experience working as a Lead Digital Compositor within a large VFX facility and has developed an excellent artistic eye, experienced in making the shot “look cool.” Extensive working experience with node and layer-based compositing systems on high-end projects within a film post-production environment.

Perform all tasks associated with the compositing process, including but not limited to 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements, colour grading, 3D projections, roto/paint work, experience on stereoscopic projects, either stereoscopic compositing or conversion of monoscopic footage to stereo.

Shankar Sharma