Himanshu Kamble started working in the industry, first as an assistant fashion photographer and then as an Editor and Sound designer for clients like Spotify, Elle & Vh1. Delighted with the color grade on one of his experimental short films, he changed his course, redirecting his ambition towards colour grading. His experience working in the field of fashion and music has given him a unique perspective on a wide variety of coloring styles.

He started working at Bridge PostWorks coloring dailies for the BBC show 'A Suitable Boy', and soon moved into final color for commercials and music videos.

At Bridge PostWorks, Himanshu has worked on features and series for Netflix, Amazon, Mubi, Zee5 and spots for clients including Tinder, MTV, Zoho amongst others. His work spans artistic music videos and fashion films across genres for Rolling Stone Magazine and Universal Music.

In his spare time Himanshu likes to photograph the streets, read horror manga and explore the world of synths.